About us

770 Project Management is one-of-a-kind construction management company that joins old world wisdom, ingenuity, engineering and management with cutting-edge technological aptitude. No other company offers the versatility and experience we offer.

Based in Jerusalem, 770-Project Management is positioned to respond quickly to construction needs all over the world. The company's Principal, Gady Nadler, has over 50 years of experience of bringing complex projects to fruition by managing international teams across cultural and linguistic borders and bringing together disparate elements effectively and neatly. Because of our familiarity with projects of every type we advise each client on ways to save money at the outset of the project rather than changing plans during the construction process. We understand the necessity of forward-looking plans and how crucial it is to forsee problems before they occur. From Texas water treatment plants to Nigerian highways, 770-Project Management has a proven record of providing accurate and timely project management services for all phases of construction all over the world. With linguistic versatility and cross-cultural aptitude, our team is prepared to manage projects from beginning to end in every corner of the developed and developing world quickly and efficiently.

770 Project Management Sustainability

770 Project Management has been a strong supporter of environmental improvement in Israel and has managed a number of projects that reduce waste and improve recycling efficiency. Israel has been at the forefront of resource conservation and environmental management long before it became mainstream in the rest of the world. With perpetual draughts and limited ariable land, Israel has pioneered water conservation methods for agriculture and urban use, cloud seeding, and water-sensitive greenhouses. Also, Israel is both the innovator of as well as the global leader in the use of solar power for water heating, with 98% of houses using solar power to heat water.